Culture is the #1 Metric

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[Sent out in yesterday’s newsletter etc.]

This cartoon was inspired by a friend of gapingvoid, Josh Thompson.

The idea that metrics and people don’t really go together…. yes, it’s a paradox… thus the tension in the cartoon.

It’s true that ‘people are a company’s greatest asset”. But, how do you measure that?

Answer: With great difficulty.

Then again, if you really believe it, then people are the only metric that really counts.

It’s hard. Really hard. Most companies can’t do it. The ones that can, make a fortune. Life is unfair.


  1. YES! I think this comic captures this strange truth so very, very well.

  2. I’m fascinated by this comic starting from the distribution of colure to the happy eyes. a person can use it for multi topics as the speaker can highlight the positive side of each view in the comic

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