“Art’s purpose is to express Consciousness.”


So having been in the business for a while, I keep asking myself, what is the purpose of art?

Decoration? Pictoral storytelling? Conceptual mind tricks? Entertainment and/or Info-tainment?

Meh. I have simpler idea:

“Art’s purpose is to express consciousness.”

That is true for writing, paiting, music, theatre, you name it.

It’s also true for other stuff, as well.

When we build something (a business, product or movement, say), we are expressing our inner consciousness, indirectly.

And then so what happens after we die?

What becomes of our consciousness, then?

No idea. And even if I had an idea, I’d probably be wrong. I’m OK with that.

Anyway, that’s kinda what I was thinking, the whole time I was drawing the cartoon above.

Consciousness is really amazing. I know, right?




  1. yep. sort of the whole point of physicality…expressing the different facets of the whole. The ultimate in play-time.

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