1. I agree. There was something special back in 1995 when I first started reading you, @edans, Seth Godin, Dave Winer etc.
    Now it’s as of there’s too much content, not enough message.

  2. This all just sounds pretty much like people who like to toot their own horn… ” look how long we’ve been doing this… we were blogging and nerding out before everyone else and their mother started doing it and now we’re not that special anymore and since we have no real job skills whatsoever (you know like knowing how to actually create the cables and circuits and chips that make the Internet possible not to mention not-free) we have no idea what to do with ourselves. Lets just blog about it. Yeah! Oh, and we also hate how “commercial” the web has become! If you agree buy some of our swag please.

  3. DesignRosetta says:

    Just watched a video clip with Chris Anderson and Bre Pettis raving about the promise of 3d printing and then saw your post and hoping it will not follow the same path

    Will have to consider how we avoid repeating that corporate take over of it

  4. this kinda encourages me to keep focusing on producing quality content that actually has meaning and focus. as opposed to creating content for SEO, popularity, or selling stuff.

    thanks Hugh.

    Don’t listen to Elmas. He/she/it was probably just having a rough afternoon


  1. […] Hugh MacLeod at Gaping Void nails this with his new cartoon: […]

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