The gapingvoid Value Proposition

[More thoughts on “Business Needs More Art”:]

I doodled the above cartoon/line just now…

Maybe it’s just as simple as that: gapingvoid art is a great way for your office vibe to up its game, without having to pay higher rent or hire that expensive architect or decorator.

This is work in progress. All feedback gratefully received. Feel free to ping me on Twitter or wherever if you want to chat about it etc. Rock on.

[Update: Heh. No sooner than I posted this, did the great Kathy Sierra leave a comment:

This is not your value pro­po­si­tion. It’s just a fact, a fea­ture, an attribute. Same with “trans­for­ming office art”. That’s the WHAT, but does not ans­wer WHY. There’s the why YOU do it, and of course the WHY your customer/user wants it. Their bene­fit. Their result. Their awesomeness-as-a-result. Tur­ning up the soul… Yes there is cer­tainly something there that’s a hell of a lot more valua­ble than simply saving them on the cost of a pri­cey deco­ra­tor or archi­tect.
WHY do they want those archi­tects and desig­ners in the first place? What are they hoping to gain? Your work is not just a chea­per repla­ce­ment. It’s get­ting to the heart (soul?) of something dee­per and richer… You know this bet­ter than anyone

And of course, Kathy is right. But one has to try these things. Like I said many times before, we’re on a mission to transform office art or die trying. “Business Needs More Art”. Rock on.

[P.S. Thanks, Kathy! Love...]

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