“Kiss any hope of ever leading a normal life good-bye”

This made me so happy: My friend, Robert Scoble sent me a photo of the big gapingvoid print they have up on the wall in the Rackspace customer briefing room. This is just one of twelve giant 6 foot canvases that adorn the walls.

Aside from being thrilled that they used our work, what is interesting to me is that they had the choice of using lots of different kinds of art. They could have used photos of happy Rackers, customers, data centers, etc. But they chose to broadcast their beliefs by using messages that speak to their beliefs.

This particular cartoon about one of the fundamental aspects of the business: “Fanatical support In all we do”. I tried to present it in a way that I hope is both memorable and refreshingly disarming. Hopefully it touches a nerve.

As time goes by, one of the things that I realize is that having well chosen messages on offices walls is really powerful. They speak to people every day of the year, and brodacast what you stand for.

That’s what we think about more and more around our office, anyway.


  1. Glad you were born, Dr. MacLeod!

  2. ah! I had wondered where that lil’ guy came from! I have the lil’ monster on a Racker tshirt! I like the still! Here is my Racker fan art! http://designbybeck.com/Brian_Beck_Racker_Drink.png

  3. Is that a daddy long legs in the art work? Really cool! I love the idea of not-your-ordinary motivational messages posted in offices. I guess it brings out all kinds of creativity you have in you.

  4. Are you unwell?

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