The Seth Print (Hope you like Purple!)

[Me holding it etc.]

[Close-up of the cow]

[My signature at the bottom.]

[Extreme close-up.]

[Seth's signature]

[Me and Seth signing the prints, July, 2009.]


[Visit the gallery here to purchase the print and/or view other prints from the gapingvoid “Seth Godin” series etc.]

This is my most ambitious print project to date, The “Purple Cow” edition. [Click here to see the backstory, click here to see the original 2009 promo etc.]

The book that first turned me on to Seth Godin’s work was, no surprise, “Purple Cow”.

It was a big Ah-Ha! moment for me. This enormous feeling of “Yes! Finally! This is the kind of space I want my career to live in!” That feeling, FINALLY articulated, after years in the career-hell desert. It was very liberating.

And so one day I decided to pay tribute to that feeling, by creating a hand-drawn Purple Cow print.

I figured, there’s got to be people out there who were as affected by that book as I was, so why not create something to celebrate that? It’s a very iconic book among my friends, so why not make an actual icon out of it? It was a no-brainer, really.

Basically, it’s the cover of the book, all drawn by hand, with my all-over squiggly style. It’s the largest print I’ve ever done, and it’s pretty intense.  It also came with Seth Godin’s blessing (Thanks, Seth!)- it goes without saying, I wouldn’t have gone ahead without that.

One more thing: Of all the prints I’ve done, it’s the hardest one to capture via photography; posting on the Internet really doesn’t give it justice. That’s OK, that’s kinda what keeps it special, too.

Hope you like purple ;-)

UPDATE: Seth left a kind comment below: “There’s one on the wall of my office. It’s even coo­ler than Hugh says it is.” Thanks, Seth!

[Visit the gallery here to purchase the print and/or view other prints from the gapingvoid “Seth Godin” series etc.]



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