Good corporate social media is WAY harder than it looks

Good corporate social media is REALLY, REALLY hard… WAY harder than it looks. A few people like my good friend, Brian Solis, make it look easy, but they’re the exception, BY FAR.

My prediction for social media in 2012, is that A LOT of people will finally figure that out, the hard way.

So be careful what you wish for etc.


  1. I love this… so true. Welcome to my life! :)

    Susan Beebe
    Global Comms/PR

  2. Not to dampen the punchline here (and it wuz funny), as long as you start with the business goal, get the right people in the room, figure out where your communities are online, then how you can help them, figure out the people/processes/tech you’ll need to serve them, prioritize that dream list by budget/time/culture, and for Pete’s sake, DO PILOT PROGRAMS, you’ll be fine.

    What’ll be cool in 3-4 years is how various corporation’s governance structures become the determining factor for success. The talent will spread out evenly, the tech is commoditized…so what’s left is process and culture.

  3. Gene Deems says:

    It’s interesting to watch the evolution of social media use in government… municipality, county, state and federal. The real key is hard work, engagement and follow-through. I am fascinated that the IRS doesn’t answer tweets. IRS just uses as one way dissemination. Another challenge is the plethora of new tools being developed every six months. Which ones will stick. You can follow me on Twitter @gdeems

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