Best Twelve (or fewer) Words Wins a Signed Cube Grenade

Daily Email Promo from Gapingvoid on Vimeo.Hola, Jason here (CEO of gapingvoid etc etc)… For all you gapingvoid newbies, you may not know that we publish a daily email every Tuesday–Saturday. It always contains one of Hugh’s cartoons with a little narrative and sometimes an exclusive deal on gapingvoid goodies.

We’ve been playing around with animation and the one above is a little eight-second promo that we want to use to call attention to the daily email. Although it works great as is, we’d like to add some copy to it, and so, Fearless Readers, we are going to have a little competition for the best copy as judged by us.

Here is how we are going to do it:

Simply suggest the copy to go with it, in twelve words or less. 

In other words, we need 12 words to go with the video, to explain what the story is.

The winner will get a free framed cube grenade of her choosing, signed and inscribed by Hugh (a $200 value) and if you have a blog or site, we’ll link back to it AND give you a mention on the actual video, etc.

Normally, this is the kind of things we’d do ourselves, but what the heck, sometimes “open source” is more fun for everybody.

Thanks, and looking forward!

             Jason Korman


  1. I’m assuming you want these as replies here? or emailed to you? No instructions given.

    As for my 12 words or less: “Insights that will blow your mind, delivered daily.”

  2. - gapingvoid – what’ll be left of your head
    - where’s your head at?
    - who’s mind have you blown today?


  3. Simon receives a very toxic email.

  4. Jen Anderson says:

    Daily email that will blow your fucking mind.

  5. “Internet love at work.”
    “Why we love the internet at work.”
    “Web at work makes me happy.”
    “Let’s hear it for the internet at work.”
    “Let’s hear it for the web at work.”
    “Once again the web at work makes the day.”

  6. It’s not just the drawings. It’s your life transformed by them.

  7. It’s not just the cartoons. It’s your life trans­for­med by them. (Correction to previous post)

  8. Exhilarating feeling of opening my email and seeing I got the job!

    You are the best Hugh!

    Mike Burns
    aka @BostonSalesGuy

  9. Here goes my attempt at 12 words or less.

    Blasting Interesting Stories That Lead to Triumph over adversity

  10. Kevin Grove (@kgrovetx) says:

    Via @gapingvoid
    A daily note reveals truth
    With awesome cartoon.

  11. gapingvoid

  12. Here goes my attempt at 12 words or less:

    “Life time stories are every where. Inspiration goes here.”

  13. With one click, one realization, life can change. Be the click.

  14. gapingvoid daily e-mail. So much inspiration, your head will explode.


    Our apologies for making you a suit. We’ll fix that.


    Press any key. Get pissed while your mind blows.

  15. We send mail,
    That will send you,
    On a new mind trail!

  16. David Bernal says:

    We send mail,

    That will set you,

    On a new mind trail!

  17. Two submissions below.

    1) You have achieved enlightenment. Now don’t blow it.

    2) Re: your great idea, email my secretary so she can delete it.

  18. Justbecause says:

    “If you don’t understand it, then just laugh along anyway”

  19. Light follows a Gaping Void. Get your daily dose here.

    Minds function when they are open. Start your day with Gaping Void.

  20. Benjamin Brink says:

    Boil convention dry with a pulse from GapingVoid.

    Is nirvanna possible via email? Try GapingVoid.

  21. Expand your horizon. Peer @gapingvoid daily.

  22. Step 1: Open computer. Step 2: Be inspired. There is no 3.

  23. “Serendipity in an unusual format…”

  24. radiate or die.

  25. Mark Nethercott says:

    Scan, review, delete


    Email, removes free thought

  26. As he peered into the Void, he was blown away.

  27. “Inspiration ’til your head pops. (Results may vary).”

    “Fill your head with goodness, email-style. Gapingvoid mind-blowing services.”

    “Gapingvoid’s mind-blowing email service. Results may vary.”

    “Free your mind from your head. Get the Gapingvoid newsletter daily.”

  28. When are you closing on entries? I want to sit down and make a proper go of this.

  29. Click. OMG it’s the Gapingvoid Daily. My head will explode. Bang!

  30. A new social media network discovered, so bright it’s mind blowing!

  31. Daily Gaping Void. More powerful than a random system update.

  32. Bits that bring the Big Bang to your brain.


    Bits that Big Bang your brain

    (cool animation, btw)

  33. Enriched,Enlightened,Entertained,Evolved,

    Sign-up for daily email.

  34. gapingvoid newsletter
    Go on – It’s great!
    You know you want to.

  35. Takes your head to a better place…where smart stuff happens.

  36. “Do not avoid”

    “The vacuum cleaner”

    “Void populi”

  37. There’s a Gaping Void where your boredom used to be.

  38. @steve, perhaps that should have been “As he GAPED into the Void”?

    It wasn’t until I saw the comments that I realized you’re looking for more of an advertising pitch.

    My first take was something like “Cute cat videos strike again” or “This is your brain on cute cat videos.”

    Now I have to go back and rethink my approach.

  39. For daily e-mail that goes far beyond eye-popping.

  40. A few ideas:

    ‘It’s easy to let the dazzle of the internet over-shine your day.’

    ‘Beware: all those links seem illuminating at first.’

    ‘Click with caution. Or better yet, don’t click at all.’

    This was fun, Jason! Thanks for the exercise!


  41. Jason Korman says:

    This is going to be hard. Hugh, I suggest that we up the prize to the top 3. What do you think?

  42. “The Daily Thought Provoking Toon that will blow just your mind.”

  43. daily email: if it’s not blowing your mind, you’re doing it wrong…

    – or –

    daily email: remove the head, make way for the heart…

  44. Brian Killian says:

    The best way to start your day is with a little inspiration.

  45. Inspiration: exceeding your daily maximum intake can be a good thing.

  46. Happiness so great, your head can’t possibly contain it.

  47. I’d go one further. I’d put a soundtrack to it. Click! “Gapingvoid Daily! My head will explode.” Bang! Oh heck = already done it:

  48. ‘for the first time, there wasn’t any tissues around for the mess.’

  49. ‘Warning: too much internet may cause a GAPNG VOID.’

  50. not only did the porn make his little head blow up…

  51. Aaron Leatherwood says:

    Mind the Gaping Void

  52. Warning Shiny Objects May Blow Your Mind

  53. Got ahead subscribe! What’s the worst that can happen?

  54. Fill Your Gaping Void Five Times a Week. Or Else.

    I’ll gladly take delivery in Miami :)

  55. Christine Kane says:

    Love your work. Here is what I got in 12 words or less:

    Inbox enlightment delivered daily. Guaranteed…or your mind back!

  56. Human meaning, emailed. Exactly.


    The meaning of life, etc. Emailed.

  57. as it is, or should be, my thoughts exactly

  58. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

  59. 1) Yep, it’s that good!
    Get yourself some at gapingvoids daily e-mail!

    2) Inspiring minds want to know! Gapingvoid guaranteed to
    blow your mind!

    3) Light, bright, excite your day with… gapingvoid!

    4) Spontaneous inspiration at your fingertips.
    Get yourself some at gapingvoid!

  60. Gapingvoid: Blowing your mind daily

  61. Have you had your mind blown today?

  62. 12 words:

    I do that. This does this. That does that. Kinda cool.

  63. Warning: Never stare directly into the insight.

    Killer insights, delivered daily.

    Let the internet blow your mind. Daily.

    Daily Insights From Gaping Void: Those who survive, thrive!

    and the obvious:

    Mind blowing cartoons delivered daily.

  64. — Enlightening, challenging, thought-provoking and MINDBLOWING!

  65. Free your mind, the rest will follow.

    See the light.

  66. Gaping void: a daily ray of sunshine that will blow you away.

  67. Daily insights and inspirations. Our sunny disposition will blow your mind.

  68. Experience the Gapingvoid, from your inbox to your head, daily.

  69. Can a daily cartoon really change your life? Yes.

  70. Want a mind blowing experience? Subscribe to!

  71. Cathy Payton says:

    It’ll leave you with a gaping void, but in a good way.

  72. Greg Fanning says:

    First time subscribers always take risks. But it is ALWAYS worth it!

  73. Daily dose of inspiration for the former suits to be.

  74.…for futures so bright, you won’t even need shades.

  75. Only a Moment,
    Enter Hugh’s World,
    Take Your Mind from the Grind.

  76. Myron, unprepared for the awesome, lost his head. Signup and be prepared!

  77. Opening email
    Is the best part of your day
    When it’s Gapingvoid

    (note: also Haiku)

  78. Ned discovered the contents of Pulp Fiction’s briefcase

  79. Web content should blow your mind. Got content?

    (I like Bill Olen’s line!)

  80. Love won’t make you smile.

    Love will blow your mind.

  81. Gaping Void is gonna blow your mind wide open. Every day.

  82. Gapingvoid: Reminding you why you do what you do.

  83. Grenades of wisdom – tossed into your inbox daily from the Gaping Void!

  84. Sunshine from a screen.

  85. Let the light in you shine on everyone. Inspiration is viral.

  86. Ok 12 words or less:

    So much social smack it’ll make your head explode!

  87. Mind expanding daily injections of creative juice. Avoid at your peril.

    Daily reminders of who you really are.

    Daily reminders of your true potential.

    Daily, cartoon-fueled trips to your imagination. Buckle up.

    Revisit your true self, daily. Side effects include inspiration.

  88. Instructions: press button to unleash the ultimate contagion. Repeat.

  89. Mind blowing. Daily in your inbox. But in a good way.

  90. Knowing you love me…. sends me.

  91. Gapingvoid will spark your passion.

  92. Mindful cartoons to extinguish mindless e-mails.

  93. Sharon Suzuki says:

    1. Gapingvoid . . . daily inspiration that pushes the limits of your mind.

    2. Gapingvoid’s news explodes into bright ideas you can use.

  94. It’s like that. But you get to keep your head.

  95. Let’s see what we have here…

    Oh Wow!

  96. Some Can’t Handle The Truth…Can You? GapingVoid Daily


    Reality Check. Can you handle it? GapingVoid Daily

  97. Enlightenment Can Blow Your Mind

  98. The light at the end of the tunnel is in your inbox.

  99. Change your mind, grow your heart.

  100. Daily Gaping Void Cartoons — Sorry your brain just exploded from the awesomeness.


    Daily Gaping Void Cartoons — Enlightenment so strong your brain might blow up. In a good way.


    Daily Gaping Void Cartoons — Now also offering brain clean up service after mind blowing.


    Daily Gaping Void Cartoons — Not responsible for blowing your mind. Literally.


    Daily Gaping Void Cartoons — Guaranteed to blow your mind. Sorry about that.

  101. Maybe a little too much? Naaaaaahhh.

  102. Congratulations, you’ve just tweeted the 100 Billionth brain fart

  103. JOY

  104. “If it’s not eye-popping, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing content, why bother?

  105. Mike Anthony says:

    This is your brain on GapingVoid Daily

  106. 1) It was just another day at the office — ’til Gaping Void.
    2) Gaping Void expands your mind and makes your day.
    3) Gaping Void – your daily dose of enlightenment and laughter.
    4) Think outside the box…and your mind. Gaping Void.
    5) If a cubicle can’t hold you, Gaping Void is your moving company.

    Well, you didn’t say it could only be one.

  107. Gaping Void – Clearing the clutter of your mind to reflect on perfection.

  108. Rob Peters says:

    Oooh,oooh,oooh,oooh,Gaping Void swimsuit issue!

  109. Hi Hugh,

    I really like your stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.

    Here’s my two cents and “12 words or less” (times 6 submissions) for your consideration.

    Gaping Void…thought provoking enlightenment to start your day.

    Gaping Void…because an enlightened mind over matter, matters.

    Gaping Void…the ecstasy of enlightenment, one drawing at a time.

    Gaping Void…the ecstasy of enlightenment, one thought at a time.

    Gaping Void… an explosion of enlightenment for your mind.

    Gaping Void…for the light-headed thinker in all of us.

  110. Kevin In Nova Scotia says:


    (and still have eleven words left to share, nine, ten-done!)

  111. Rob Peters says:

    Oooh,ooh,ooh,ooh, Gaping Void swimsuit issue!!….See what You’re missing?

  112. Paula B Green says:

    A smile to your face; insights that will blow your mind

    A smile to your face; warmth to your heart; a daily delight!

    Lights up your face; warms your heart; makes you think — explosive insight!

    GapingVoid lights up your smile, warms your heart, makes you think–Wow!

    Thank you, this was fun!

  113. Joe Castro says:

    GapingVoid, the thing to do after discovering what the internet is for.

  114. Sometimes people you don’t know just blow your minds!!!!!!!

  115. Subscribe now and we promise to off your boss with our awesomeness.

  116. You’re mind will never be the same.

  117. Online “Cube Grenade” wins another fan. What’s a “Cube Grenade?”

  118. Stuart Ciske says:

    Expand your mind with hugh’s daily cartoon. Better than drugs.

  119. Blown away by all these great suggestions. Here are mine:

    1. See the light; outta sight! A joyful daily escape. Gaping Void. Subscribe.

    2. Fact or fiction? Gaping Void explodes heads daily. You be the judge.

  120. Dammit more email. Oh wait it’s the gapingvoid again, Ooooh Niiiiice!!!!

  121. Every day of your life passes by just like that. Or not.

  122. Open your inbox. Fill the Void.


  123. Mind Blowing Gaping Void Daily E-Funnies

    Start the Day the Hugh Way, Laugh your Head Off!

  124. When you see the yellow light

  125. Get an idea. Gapingvoid.

  126. And this is why DIY online teeth whitening still hasn’t taken off.

  127. Gaping Void delivers a ray of hope to escape your daily grind.

  128. Love the ideas so far! Here are my suggestions:

    This much love is meant for your heart not your head.

    Read with an open heart or your head may explode.

    Gaping void emails. Exceeding safe levels of awesomeness since 2001.

    A daily supply of awesome sauce delivered to your email.

    Like grenades, Gaping void emails seem harmless until opened.

    Can’t. Handle. The. Awesomeness.

  129. True game-changers can be messy.

  130. ‘High-dose Inspiration. Daily.’


    ‘Get ready for the Cube Grenade effect. Daily.’


    ‘Email Promo you will enjoy… and remember. Yes, daily.’

  131. Gapingvoid Daily…Makes You Say What the Hell was That All About?!

  132. 1) The first step to changing your world is having your mind blown.

    2) Your Evil Plan needs one thing: mind-blowing inspiration delivered directly to you.

    3) Get blown; then create something totally brilliant. For our sake, subscribe now.

    4) Have your mind blown, then create utter brilliance. Please, for our sake.

  133. Mmmm.
    Oh – click.
    WOW! NICE!
    so that’s love.
    I like.

  134. Subject line: “NSFW”



    Gapingvoid Daily Email – the status quo buster.

  135. Mind blowing content.

  136. A daily reset button for your mind.

  137. [Gaping Void] – Power Up Your Daily Extraordinary.

    You are not alone. Power Up Your Daily Extraordinary [with gaping Void].

    Daily wows to inspire, create, and shake it up. [Gaping Void]

  138. “Its not about the message. It’s about you.”

    In todays interactive age, there are lots of messages. But the web has changed us. People are no longer just an audience.
    We at Gapingvoid don’t try and “reach” people with our “messaging.” We give them something to share, to talk about, to connect with instead. The Age of Show Business has past, the Interactive Age is NOW!

  139. Man sees cartoon and laughs his head off,

    cheers Ron

  140. It’s an email blast. Really.

    Blow your mind. Daily.

    The glow of humor. Let it blow your mind.

  141. Man loses head in grenade attack


  142. A daily dose of thought reaching through to me

    Hugh’s love lights the cubicle

    Enlighten your life

    Thinking differently daily one dose at a time

  143. internet = scalable way to explode heads with your idea

    joy = the instant that precedes yellow light and cranial catastrophe

    DANGER! too much joy can lead to decapitation

  144. Internet can enlighten you like the ark or blow your head off.

  145. Charnelle Chin says:

    A burst of daily sunshine; gaping the void.

  146. Start each day with a fresh head!

    We’ll blow your mind!

    Not your ordinary email subscription!

    You’ll grin, you’ll smile, you’ll laugh – a perfect way to get your brain working!

  147. Blow your brain with gaping void – let your thoughts free :-)

  148. Gapingvoid daily email: head-explodingly good…now with jiggles and grins!

  149. Marc Kelly says:

    gapinvoid – Blowing your mind, one click at a time.


    Blowing your mind, one click at a time – gapinvoid

  150. Here are some suggestions:

    “Your digital expressions of love blow my mind…daily.”

    “Glowing images…losing my mind, but saving my heart (and suit).”

    “Shocking how much you can blow my mind.”

    “Damn, the aliens won. End of the world. Must smile big.”

  151. Have a Blast.

  152. I’ve been Rick Rolled again…damn you Gaping Void!

  153. Press here for a virtual golden shower…wheeeeeee! Thank you @gapingvoid

  154. enlightenment is powerful stuff. It can leave you feeling light headed

  155. Prepare for daily self-destruction.

    Beware: This kind of enlightenment is likely to cause mind explosion.

    Social Objects with mind-blowing capabilities. Delivered daily to your inbox.

  156. Daily exposure to creativity. Subscribe at your own will…

  157. Hugh won’t know what hit you.

  158. Facebook … the next generation

  159. Drew Weilage says:

    Instant. Access.

  160. The Gapingvoid daily. Impact you can use.

    The Gapingvoid daily. Get a new perspective.

    The wonder of Gapingvoid will change your world.

    Gapingvoid everyday will open your mind. All the way.

  161. Bugs run from the light, now you know why.

  162. I’m hungry. Let’s get a taco.

  163. My daily Gapingvoid moment, always a blast!

  164. Heres two more!

    Is the head dead yet? Fill yours with something inspiring at gapingvoid!

    System recovery delivered daily at gapingvoid!

  165. Hugh’s toons will set you free.

  166. “I don’t get it. Oh…..”

  167. Jason Korman says:


    I think we need to raise it to the top ten?!?!

  168. Sheila Dupuis says:

    The one email that makes reading the rest of your inobx worthwhile


    Email that prepares you for dealing with the rest of your inbox.

  169. Reading Hugh(ey) will make your head go kablooey!


    Introducing our newest subscriber, “Detonate Nate.”


    I Can Haz My Head Back?

  170. “Ever look directly at the sun? Give us a peek.”

  171. Expanding minds, one inbox at a time.

  172. Kevin In Nova Scotia says:

    Six seconds to total enlightenment in the privacy of your own cubicle!

  173. Lighten up. Smile. Get blown away.

    Lighten up. Enjoy. Life is short.


    triiibe on!

  174. California Connection says:

    Enlightenment: Internal and External!

  175. Will your mind become a GAPING VOID – Dare to try.

    Let a GAPING VOID blow your mind.

    Your mind is a balloon – blow it up with GAPING VOID.

    Don’t aVOID the GAPING VOID – it will blow you away.

  176. Hmmm, what does this do? OMG, it’s a new outrageous fad!

  177. *** NSWF *** (As You Know It)

    Blather, Wince, Repeat

    Your Daily MBA (Mind Blowing Awesomeness)

    Daily Gapingvoid: The antidote for brain numbed robots

    Setting the Captives Free

    We give you permission to be creative

    Inducing Creative Vomit!

    Inducing creativity since XXXXX

    Gapingvoid: A drop kick to your cerebral cortex

    … Expect the unexpected…

    Spontaneous Cerebral Combustion

  178. “If you feel like being creative!”

  179. Henry Quintero says:

    Fill the gaping void, daily.

  180. Happiness is explosive.

  181. “OMG…OMG…OMG….I feel so Alive!”

  182. When the world sucks, beat it back with the GapingVoid

  183. Unexpected inspiration.

  184. Ranjan Singh says:

    The day never begins…it just ends with a blast!

  185. The video is amazing Hugh!

    Here’s what I think of it:

    Prometheus stole fire ages ago but the embers will be emailed now.

  186. “Start your day with a bang!”

    “Woooow, that’s better than coffee!”

    “ho-bang!” (referrence to ‘ho-hum’ but i know you get it. heheheheh

  187. “puppy,


    gapingvoid — better than puppens.”

  188. Social is no object.

  189. A mind-blowing smile a day.


    It’ll blow your mind how simple marketing can be.

  190. gape into the void. if you dare

  191. My final entry:

    Raise Awareness! Seek higher levels of consciousness at gapingvoid!

  192. Rapture happens when you see the light

  193. Karen Jorgensen says:

    You’ll feel raptured by our daily emails.

  194. Gapingvoid daily

    Inspiration guaranteed

    Execution optional

  195. If minds aren’t exploding around you… find another job… and read Gapingvoid

  196. Think outside the brain

  197. Gaping Void: There’s more than one way to kill a zombie.

  198. Brian Moore says:

    Discover the inspiration from the ruin.

  199. Kevin Carroll says:

    1) The old inbox: blah, blah, spam. The gapingvoid inbox: wow, hmmm, yes!

    2) gapingvoid: provocative inspiration that irreversibly changes your brain. EVERYDAY.

  200. Mediocre won’t blow your mind.

    Gapingvoid will.

  201. Obliterate mediocre with Gapingvoid.

  202. The truth? You can’t handle the truth!

  203. The Gapingvoid. Hey, Matt Inman of the “The Oatmeal”, BOOM! Take that!

    You’re receiving this email because you opted in to BOOM! die laughing.

    The Gapingvoid. Best viewed in Internet Exploder 13. BOOM!

    The Gapingvoid. Please set your screen resolution to “Death Ray”. BOOM!

    The Gapingvoid. Why do we come with stain removers? BOOM! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!(soundeffect: wet meat bits hitting wall)

    Quick. Tell your wife to buy our new stain removers. BOOM! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!(sound effects: wet meat bits hitting wall)

  204. Sheila Foley says:

    My third and best submission.

    Prescription: One email cartoon daily
    Side effects may include lethal open-mindedness

  205. Gapingvoid: Dropping laser guided truth bombs 5 days a week

  206. ” Stop gawking. Get back to work, you jerk !!Hiding your face now? “

  207. LOY GONSLAVES says:

    RX (…as in a doctor’s prescription) GAPING VOID, and lust for life!

  208. Ctrl-Alt-Epiphany
    (or Ctrl-Alt-Illuminate)


    Gaping Void: Reality is Relative

  209. Enlighten your gaping void

  210. Read me deadly.

  211. Kat Hillock says:

    Time to feed your head- open and suck on your daily mind-popsicle…

  212. Kat Hillock says:

    hmmm looking at this again – might ‘read’ better this way:

    Time to feed your head! (open to suck on your daily mindPOPsicle)
    ;) meow

  213. Hacking Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase; who’s the badass m*f* now Samuel L?

  214. fill your void with brilliance

  215. Sometimes you just need a creativity break.

  216. “The suit remains the same.”

  217. Sorry for the double post, that should be “Only the suit will remain the same.”

  218. Harry Glass says:

    “watching you at work just blows me away”

    keep it up; I am a fan.


  219. Louie says:

    Longest contest ever makes heads explode. Enter at your own risk!

  220. Gapingvoid. Like pouring Drano on the cobwebs of your mind. Daily. Free.

  221. Carbon-based, organic screen can be a moody little thing.

  222. Blowing Minds One Cartoon At A Time: Subscribe Now!

    alternate entries:

    Blowing Minds One Insight At A Time. Subscribe Now!

    Warning: Contents May Blow Your Mind! Subscribe Now

    Warning: Contains Mind Blowing Content! Subscribe Today

    Warning: Contains Mind Blowing Insights! Subscribe Today


  223. Insight to open your eyes – lighten your heart – blow your mind – gapingvoid…

  224. Knock Knock!
    Who’s thrs??

  225. Hit the Gapingvoid ESCAPE key. Don’t be an empty suit.

  226. hamslaai says:

    One click for a man, one giant leap for the gaping void. Blow your mind – subscribe to the gaping void today.

  227. You are what you think.

  228. drsnowboard says:

    Expand your mind with daily Gaping Void

    Careful now..

  229. Sheila Foley says:

    This is not an entry but I am now thinking that the winner(s) should be awarded a Samsung Galaxy Note. That would be a very nice prize, wouldn’t it?

  230. Was a winner announced for this yet??

    Hope not, here are my hats in the ring:

    - My god, it’s full of satire.

    - Click Here To Blow Mind

    - Subscribe today. It’s like the Pulp Fiction briefcase, only better.

  231. Yes
    Of course
    but wait
    Now, it all makes perfect … $#!+

  232. Social Objects. Lose your mind, find your life. Be happy.

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