Finding the Holy in everyday activity

[A cartoon based on the two years I spent living in New York. Buy the print here etc.]

My friend, Euan Semple is probably the guy who convinced me to switch from PC to Apple, about five years ago.

“Even opening up the cardboard box is a religious experience!”, he said.

Heh. A slight exaggeration, certainly.

But then I’m thinking… Perhaps not?

As somebody who likes to study religion, I’ve always thought that one of the more interesting questions in the world to ponder is, “What is Holy?”

Exactly. Holy. What does it actually mean?

And the same with Unholy…

When a mundane act (such as the opening of a cardboard box) is elevated (in this case, by great package design), we experience what the mystics call “The Divine”.

This doesn’t have to mean a strong belief in God, either way. They’re called mystics for a reason: the whole thing is indeed a mystery. Call it “God” if you will, call it something else completely. The mystery remains, either way.

Work, whether business or craft or just plain hard, sweaty labor, is far more interesting, fun and meaningful when one can channel one’s own sense of divinity into it, religious or otherwise. This is how we find the Holy in everyday life, religious or otherwise.

This is how we plug into “The Mystery”.

Steve Jobs knew this, instinctively. It was glaringly obvious.

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