gapingvoid business-focused greeting cards…?

Me and my partners, Laura and Jason, have been toying with the idea of “Business Greeting Cards”.

Greeting cards to send people in a business situation. Themes revolving around business situations, as opposed to birthdays and the other, normal rites of passage.

“My Bad” is one of our first ideas to send someone when you make a mistake. We all get it wrong, sometimes.

As the lines that separate “work and life” get more blurry, products that can live in this new blurry space will get ever more valuable to us all.

Anyway, it’s just an idea in its infancy. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

[NB: This was first published in the newsletter yesterday etc.]


  1. Great idea – how about “Ok…You were right”?

  2. hehe

  3. This is an awesome idea. I sent a ton of hand written cards out and having cards that fit the situation would be great. Everything from, “Great meeting you” to “that was a sick presentation” would be fun to have. Love your work. Some day i will find a way to commission you for a project.

    • Hey Dave,

      Yeah, that was kinda my thinking, exactly…

      Business, like anything else, has its own language, and its own literature. And I’m interested in helping to articulate and evolve it…

      Thanks! :)

  4. I think this is a great idea! There is a false sense of intimacy in a business setting. I’ve sent normal thank you cards before and the recipient has sometimes thought it was flirting (the opposite sex and same sex – no joke). I try to follow this rules to be safe: Having business cards that are business appropriate are a nice way of sending your appreciation without crossing interpersonal borders.

  5. Not sure why you are “wondering” m8. You should know. You used to do it through another company several years ago.

    Back then I bought your “I’ve started blogging” cartoon on the back of my ‘domestic’ biz card (for friends). I still have a stash.

    I was showing it off to some peeps at the SM Influencers Formula 1 weekend (#blogtripF1) in Valencia only 3 days ago. They loved it!

  6. Sounds like a genius idea, if they could be downloaded or posted remotely that would make it easier to do at short notice too.

  7. Love the cards idea. How about. “YOU ROCK”. !

  8. Jim Ross says:

    Hugh I love this Idea

    I’d love to be able to send cards with some of the amazing ideas in your books like

    “you inspire me to create dangerous art” or “lets Launch an Evil Plan together” etc

    Maybe offer 50 packs of one kind or a “variety pack” with 10 of each

    you rock


  9. Thanks, Guys :)

    I’m already to talking to people about next steps…

  10. I am using business cards I bought from you while I am in ISrael and it really gets people’s attention. It’s the one from 2010 SXSW focused on how great texas is:)

  11. Downtown Brown says:

    I could’ve used this card twice today…

  12. Great idea, Hugh.

    I’ll watch for them.


  13. Admin Asst says:

    I think if you want to get into any sort of business communication, even greeting cards, you should brush up on your grammar.

    “Me and my partners…” is just wrong. Your first line on your website should read “My partners and I…”


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