Art doesn’t belong…





  1. The great thing about art is the discussion it starts.

    Don’t give the republicans a reason to close any more museums.

  2. wow. is this cartoon’s timing perfect…

    just got back from an arts festival where several artists would NOT let me twitpic their cool work with the world…

    i just don’t understand that mentality…

  3. Hugh,
    Art IS in your head. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. Not even in a museum.

  4. This is soooo relevant to my life. But if I hadn’t seen it (because it stayed in your head) I wouldn’t have dreamt there was anyone out there that “gets it”. Art is a double-edged sword (or brush or pen).

  5. Sometimes the art is in the comments.

  6. Art lives between two people. The medium is just the catalyst.

  7. I agree that art doesn’t belong in a museum.
    But instead of belonging in my head, it belongs out into the open. As long as it is in my head, it is no art. I think art is the act of getting creativity out of my head into the open. Express it in words, images, forms, sounds or any other means that enable others and me to relate to it.


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