Edited my “About” page…

[I added the following to the “About” page. Thought it would be useful to clarify what it is exactly gapingvoid does for a living. Hope it helps etc.]

“Social Media happens around Social Objects, not the other way around.”

At the core of any social media campaign, there are Social Objects.

Social Objects are the Alpha and Omega of Social Media. Without the former, THERE IS NO LATTER, end of story.

So that’s what gapingvoid does. We make Social Objects; that’s what the cartoons are, that’s what “Cube Grenades” are.

We make social objects, big and small. For businesses, brands and individuals.

Check out the Cube Grenade page. We’ve made social objects for large companies like Microsoft, Rackspace and Purina; we’ve made them for small startups and individuals.

I went on record years ago, saying, “Social Objects are the future of marketing.” With the Internet, time has proved me right.

My business partner, Jason Korman and I are experts at this stuff. Feel free to email us anytime at gapingvoid@gmail.com, Thanks.


  1. I LOVE the clarity here. Love it. Thanks for giving me words for some of what *I’m* doing, too!

  2. Thats an interesting “About” page! I also really like that rackspeed design!

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