“How To Be Creative” downloaded 4.5 million times!

[UPDATE: Because I want peo­ple to see it, I’m kee­ping this as a pla­cehol­der at the top of the gaping­void home­page for a while. Scroll down to see newer stuff etc.]

My manifesto, “How To Be Creative”, is still the most downloaded manifesto on ChangeThis.com. The editors there recently told me that at last count, it’s been downloaded 4.5 million times.

If you want the more deluxe version, HTBC eventually was reworked, extended and turned into a hardback book, “Ignore Everybody”, which went on to become a Wall St. Journal Bestseller.

Four point five million. Wow. That’s a lot.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to read it over the years. It means a lot, Seriously.

[PS: I also have a second manifesto on ChangeThis, called "The Hughtrain". Check it out....]


  1. Come on. It was a really good manifesto. I felt really enlightened when I read it. I still haven’t found Ignore Everybody. I live in the Philippines, so I can’t use Amazon, but at least I still can read HTBC.

    HTBC is probably one of the best things I have read on creativity. I’m actually surprised that not a lot of people know about it. When I go to a bookstore, I can’t even find Ignore everybody.

    Let’ hope that the number will double next year.

  2. It changed my life, Hugh. I ran across it a few years ago, and it inspired me to start a blog to share my children’s songs. Now, almost three years later, I’m getting ready to leave my “day job” because that blog has helped me grow my creative business + private practice into a full-time gig. Thank you.

  3. So, like, the cartoon would be true then if you had only charged $1 per download, or heck even .50 … you’d be a millionaire artist!

  4. hi, just found your blog and I’m in love already!

  5. Hey Shuggie, just read ‘Ignore Everybody’.

    Liked it. Much.

    Especially “They were a glamorous looking crowd. Until they opened their fucking mouths.”

    Keep drawing. Keep writing.


  6. Love your stuff. Don’t ever let your your creative flame stop burning!

    And let me know what you think about of this creative effort – our “Occupy The Daily Show” events to get their attention and get me on the show to discuss Driven, my new book project on Kickstarter:


    For Passover, we said we would “smite” Jon Stewart with plagues until he would interview me.

    First it was “wild beasts” – Moses and his Mule and a petting zoo.

    Last week we beset “frogs” upon him – Moses, his celebrity guest and a DJ, who arrived in a Lamborghini, with faux animal rights protestors waiting getting the Daily Show audience riled up, on location in front of the studio on W. 52nd and 11th, before the taping of the show.

    Watch the videos and see all the fun on:


    Jon “Driven” Singer

  7. Thanks for the insperation.


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