Creating work that talks about the stuff that ACTUALLY MATTERS to people.

Mike Natalizio, CEO of HNI Insurance sent me this photo. A framed cartoon I did a year or two ago for his company. Thanks, Mike!

He’s got a few of these gapingvoid cartoons in his office. “Social Objects” designed to start conversations when people come to visit etc etc.

This is what I meant when Paul Barron asked me, what’s next for gapingvoid, in that terrific video interview he did earlier this year [Towards the end, about 19’15” into it].

Art, not as pretty decoration, nor as an existential howl from  Tortured Artist Genius Dude, nor the smart-ass, sychophantic, postmodern shit from New York and London.

But Art to articulate real meaning. Art that helps move businesses forward. And hopefully helps move REAL people forward along with it. Right here. Right now.

Not advertising. Not telling people to buy.

That’s what the Cube Grenade idea is all about. Creating work that articulates the stuff that ACTUALLY MATTERS to people. Work that articulates Purpose-Idea. Right here. Right now.

But hey, most people reading this are also trying to do the exact same thing with their stuff, so at least I’m good company. Heh.




  1. I think most artists are creating things that ACTUALLY MATTERS to people. They just have a longer view.

  2. Hugh, love it.

    Great cartoon. The problem is, I know some consultants whose client prospect conversation goes something like that.

    I try to be somewhat more sophisticated. Sometimes I even succeed in being so, despite myself. I blog about this over at:

    I’m sending some people I know over here, to view your cartoon. They need it.


  3. Is this cartoon available as a print? Not seen it in the gallery??

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