“The Web works best when it’s spontaneous, creative, irreverent and slightly anarchic”.

[Don't get me started...]

You may have already noticed, I‘ve been doing a lot of rapid-fire cartoon postings lately.

It goes to a point that came up when I was recently talking to Doc Searls on the phone…

“The Web works best when it’s spontaneous, creative, irreverent and slightly anarchic”.

With that in mind, I decided to do something about it. The Web had been feeling kinda stuffy of late…

So when I draw a wee business-card cartoon, at Starbuck’s or whatever, I simply take a snapshot of it then and there on my iPhone, then instantly post it on the web via Instagram… which automatically feeds onto Twitter, this WordPress blog, Facebook and my Posterous page.

Simple, fast and fun.

Art is more interesting when it’s liberated from its own self.

Not unlike human beings…

Spontaneous. Creative. Irreverent. Slightly anarchic.



  1. Hey, I’m starting a blog and I really like your picture.. can I use it?

  2. And just like that you inspire an entire world, again. Though I have to say that the recent flood of art is great on Twitter, but really overloads my RSS reader.

  3. Speaking as a stuffy human… I prefer it when the interweb is full of stuff.

    That is, useful stuff. Stuff i can use.

    Vote up ‘stuff’. Vote down ‘stuffed’.


  4. I’ve noticed the increased output. Although I’ve just recently subscribed so I don’t know enough of the past to know whether it’s a lot or not.

    Some of the stuff is pretty good…and though provoking. And I’ve just started playing with Instagram, too, and it seems like a pretty neat “social object”.

  5. It’s great that you can use instagram to do that, but I don’t see how you get it to auto feed WordPress. I don’t see WordPress as a sharing option on Instagram?

    • Jon,

      Actually, it goes from Posterous to WordPress directly, not from Instagram to WordPress i.e. Indirectly.

      The other thing to consider is, Instagram is currently getting most of the traffic. I’m not really sure how happy I am about that. Then again, traffic isn’t the be-all and end-all.

      But this is what happens when you try to tether all the Internet bits and bobs together. It gets messy fast :D

      • Thanks Hugh. I’m only an amateur blogger, mostly I use it as a link snippet repository for articles I need to find and reference later on or send to others. (I read so others don’t have to for a living :) So, I never thought of the traffic implications and I can go for simplest.

        I do want to start blogging some photos though, but I don’t use Posterous, so I have a missing link problem. I guess I could set up like you do because I like the Instagram/workflow ease of use.


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