thc: a cure for career hangovers?

[Anthony Adams was a recent college graduate working for IBM. Now he sells hangover cures:]

Hi Hugh,

My name is Anthony Adams, I am 26 years old.

I worked at IBM out of college (2007) in a cubicle doing software sales/order taking and sitting in death-by-Powerpoint meetings and I hated it. Actually, hate is a strong word. I tolerated it. And that’s even worse in a weird way. Comparing horror stories with my fellow recent college graduates, my job actually wasn’t that bad. But I knew after about a year of trying to play the game that it wasn’t for me.

So I hatched an evil plan and spent my nights creating a dietary supplement that prevents hangovers at The site is pretty bland and in the process of being redone now that I have investors and bigger plans, but I started with nothing more than a desire to get out of the corporate world, threw myself into the unknown and came out alive and much better off than I was before.

I’ve sold my product through the internet to 41 countries on six continents and am just getting started, with appearances on NBC and along the way. In hatching my evil plan, I have developed skills they don’t teach in business school (SEO, internet marketing, etc.) that will ultimately allow me to continue working for myself without ever having to go get another corporate job, even if my current evil plan happens to stall.

All the best,

Anthony Adams

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