@rackspace: greeting card for irate customers

So I drew this cartoon earlier today for Rackspace.

An idea for a greeting card. An “Apology” card. For when Rackspace screws up [ALL companies screw up occasionally].

Just a way of saying sorry. Of staying human.

It could be printed on to a card and put in an envelope. Or it could just be a digital image you put in an email or on a website.

That kind of thing…

[You can see the other cartoons I've done for Rackspace here.]


  1. Hugh – I love the simplicity of this. Overly complex apologies sound like excuses. THis is just a plain old fashioned, “My bad, dude”. Thanks – you are continuing to draw the message I want delivered. We are a human company, with everything that entails. And sometimes that means we screw up.

    Being able to say “I am sorry, my bad” is critical in building a company that is focused on building amazing customer outcomes. Everyone fails at times – how you deal with it is the difference between winning, and losing.

    Rob La Gesse
    Chief Disruption Officer
    Rackspace Hosting

  2. Credit to Rackspace for being brave and proactive enough to commission this kind of work, and credit to Hugh (as Rob says) for keeping it simple.

  3. What a great idea. I could use a stack of those cards to give to my boss every time I screw up. I know I have to tell him I screwed up so It would make bringing up the subject a lot easier.

  4. Love it Hugh. I feel as if I would be a bit less abrasive if I saw that card as an angry customer. I was recently in the branding process with a great team in Sydney, Australia, DPM Creative Group, and we actually made a logo that looked semi similar to that, which I find rather funny. I guess great minds do think alike!

  5. Very cool idea…I don’t know that a hip-looking card will keep the heat off rackspace if they let a client’s key data center go dawn, but it may give them some breathing room–and it does make them look like pretty good folks to work with.

    Good work!

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