more evil rackspace plans…

So this is my “Evil Plan” that I’m currently trying to sell inside Rackspace

Besides their new cartoon I posted yesterday, they really haven’t seen it yet.

For whatever reason, they prefer being “surprised” by stuff posted live on the web, rather than seeing it first through the usual backchannels.

Seeing how the idea works live on the web informs their initial impression etc.

1. We have the Rackspace cloud [Image 1.]. A nice, fluffy cartoon Rackspace cloud. Red, black and white- their corporate colors. Iconic. Easily recognizable at fifty yards etc etc.

2. Inside the cloud we insert the headline [Image 2.]. “Create The Future You Want To Believe In” [Image 3.] was the headline I wrote, but that doesn’t have to be the only headline.

3. In fact, it doesn’t have to be me who writes the headline, either. Feasibly you could even set up a website where people could create their own headlines. Or something.

4. The headline would express whatever strong beliefs about “The Cloud” are needed to be expressed, inside the Rackspace cartoon cloud device.

5. So Rackspace isn’t just saying, “Here’s why you should buy from us”. Rackspace is saying, “Here’s what actually frickin’ matters”, whatever that might be.

6. Putting one’s balls on the line always resonates far more than ticking off the “Reasons to buy” laundry list.

7. And now they have a fun, wee device that allows Rackspace to do just that.

And that’s the idea. Hope you like. Hope they like, too. Watch this space…


  1. In looking up clouds in wikipedia I was thinking there should be: Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus and Rackspace.

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