“how do do you amplify a start-up culture inside a big company?”

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A couple of days ago my buddy, Robert Scoble (himself a Rackspace employee) twittered the question, “How do do you amplify a start-up culture inside a big company?”

A damn good question, Robert. I thought it would make a good piece of art, hence the cartoon above. More specifically, I thought it would make a good image to go on the back of  a Rackspace business card.

Rackspace is a big company (3,000 employees), but not big enough where they can no longer remember when they were a small company. So maybe it’s better to start a conversation (which is what handing out a business card does, ideally) with a pertinent question, rather than the usual “Here’s why you should buy our stuff” shpeel…


  1. Hey Hugh,

    I love the startup culture, and I think it’s all about encouraging your employees to hangout with each other outside of work. When you have a tight-knit team, they do awesome work.

    A friend told me about this post because I recently won StartupWeekend NYC with my app, http://hangoutapp.com . The app revolves around companies, like hangoutapp.com/datapipe , and then DP employees can create groups like kickball teams, mountain biking, etc. Then any employee can see all the stuff going on at a company and join if they’d like to.

    A better explanation is at the site, where you can see the original presentation at StartupWeekend. http://hangoutapp.com/ . If you like the idea, let me know! It’s open to signups right now, and we have some big plans for it.

  2. ^douchechill

  3. If my comment deserved a reply as juvenile as DCF’s, why would the moderator approve it? Just offering a legitimate response with a mention of what I’m doing on the side. There’s no self-promotion going on, just an honest convo.

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