dying is no way to live

[A little Blue Monster "cube grenade" I designed for my old buddy over at Microsoft, Steve Clayton.]

As I’ve said many times before, the best thing about being a blogger is the people you get to meet.

Case in Point: White Box Edibles nominated themselves for the Cube Grenade competition I’ve currently got going on.

“A medical marijuana edibles company in sunny Boulder, Colorado”?

Whatever your views on marijuana (I’ve always been fairly indifferent to it), I kinda dig the sheer chutzpah of  the enterprise, don’t you?

Or this one:

Little shop of happiness

This could make a movie.

Hungary, 2006. A retired teacher of French and Italian (Diane Keaton) and a retired ear-nose-and-throat specialist (Meryl Streep) open a pastry shop. They can’t afford the rent anywhere in the city, so they open it in a small town (Solymár), beside the highway.

It’s not your typical pastry shop, however…

People quit their jobs to start like crazy-ass businesses like these every day. Why? Sure, they want the independence and the feeling of control over their own destinies and all that, but…

I believe one of the biggest drives is:

They want to be able to tell a good story.

We all want to hear a good story about the world, that we can buy into. And we also want to create equally good stories of our own to tell. This capacity to create, absorb and share metaphors is what separates us from all the other animals.

And if we can’t do that; if we don’t have these stories that we can believe in [our own AND other people's] something inside us starts feeling like it’s dying…

And dying, as you know, is no way to live.

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