gapingvoid is taking some time off…

1. I’ve been working my ass off, all hours, seven days a week, for the last year and a half. And I was working pretty hard before that, as well….

2. I recently sent off the FINAL edit of my second book, EVIL PLANS to the publisher. Besides checking the proofs, my part is done. It comes out in April.

3. With the book finished, I’m thinking I need (and deserve) a break. I’m taking some time off.

4. The “Daily Cartoons” Newsletter will still be going out every weekday, as usual. No change there.

5. The Daily Bizcard will go on hiatus for a few weeks, while I rest and regroup.

6. You’ll still be able to find me on Twitter.

7. Besides the newsletter, my only other interest for the next while will be working on developing the Cube Grenade idea. That’s going to be my main focus of my blog and my business for the next while. If you see me post anything here in the next few weeks, it’ll most likely be about that.

8. Thanks for your support. See you on the other side. Cheers.


  1. Great to hear that we’ll still be getting the daily cartoon, it’s pone of the highlight’s of my day. Have a good break though, it definitely sounds like you desrve it

  2. Enjoy the much deserved break!

  3. Dan Limbach says:

    You deserve the break Hugh. Can’t wait for “Evil Plans.”

  4. Enjoy the break Hugh.

    Love looking at my Linchpin prints every morning at the office.


  5. The concept of a sabbatical is greatly underused by the high achievers, bravo on taking the initiative on yourself (sometimes the hardest thing to do).

  6. Hi Hugh,

    now that the worldcup is over, it’s a quiet time to visit South Africa :). I’d be happy to show you around…

  7. I hope you enjoy your time off Hugh. Looking forward to the new book.

  8. Good for you Hugh! It’s always a good idea to take a break and have some fun. I hope you have a wonderful time and I’m already looking forward to your new book (thanks for working so hard on it for all of us).

  9. I’ve always announced a day off right before a flood of productivity. I don’t buy it for a minute. You’ve gotten into the space where people get only occasionally.

  10. Rohit Nalluri says:


    Enjoy the break!

    Excited about ‘Evil Plans’.

    I don’t know about your plans during the break, but may I suggest a scenic trek along the Applachian trail?


  11. Hugh,

    I hope you enjoy the time off. But ugh… I think I heard a cackle of delight as whoever is running the newsletter took over the controls.

    I say this because today’s newsletter – what I suspect is a daily source of energy and inspiration for many – turned into a tout when it advertised the daily print as “44% off for 24 hours” in the subject line.

    This seems like the wrong direction to me, particularly for a newsletter with a cartoon Engage.

    Love your stuff. Go find some balance, and please share your secrets when you do!

    • Lighten up, Stephan…

      I tout occasionally when I have a new deal going, and my readers know that. For the most part, they don’t have a problem with that.

      PS I see you failed to notice the irony baked in the cartoon :D

      • I don’t know…maybe it’s a chick thing, but I am both energized AND inspired by sales!

        As an aside, I think most people want the opportunity to support the work of artists and writers whose work they enjoy. You also have a great business model, Hugh, and it’s fantastic that you are showing other artists how it’s done.

        Keep on touting!

      • Stefan Loble says:

        Aw man, I tried to keep it light and fun. And yes, missed the irony – but only if you mean regarding the subject line!

        There’s a point when you adore something enough to develop a sense of ownership over it. That’s why I wrote.

        No love lost here, but I stand by my “yuk” reaction.

        Separate thought: I wonder if a sense of proprietorship is part of what makes it hard to leave the “cash” side of the work equation? I hate it, but it’s mine…

  12. Kathy sierra says:

    There’s a horse trainer’s saying that applies: “Take the time it takes so it takes less time”. I understand and appreciate the need to step sideways from time to time, and it always brings a fresh perspective.

    That said, please don’t stop the “daily” email. Sure you need to do what you need to do and all that…just as long as it doesn’t f*** with MY day :)

  13. I hope to get everything together so that I can go to South-Africa this year. Would like to visit Krugerpark and also dive in a cage and see The great white sharks of the coast.


  1. Prince is right, kinda……

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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