daily bizcard 40: alison lewis

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “It Was Either”, goes to Blogger, Author, Inventor, Designer, TV Host and Techno-Fashionista, Alison Lewis.

OK, so what HASN’T this woman done? Exactly. Named one of Fast Company’s most influential women of 2010, she’s got a new book out, “Switch Craft: Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew”.

She’s got all the geek-hacker, inventive DIY mindset of say, Mark Frauenfelder or Phil Torrone, but with a chic, playful style that doesn’t undermine her own femininity. Great to see…

The cartoon came from this idea I had that, in order to operate at Alison’s level, I’m sorry, you don’t get to hate your job. You don’t get to feel ambivalent. You don’t get to daydream about one day doing something less schleppy. No, you’ve got to totally be into it from Day One. No slackers allowed. And in order to do that, decisions have to be made.

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[Alison, we'll be in touch soon via gapingvoidbizcard@gmail.com to collect your details for the back of the card, so we can print & ship a free box of 100 to you etc. Thanks!]


  1. What decisions?

  2. I bet that many of the people that read gapingvoid.com made that decision or are in the process. Great card.

  3. We’re sure in the process of making & implementing those decisions, but still we do need reminders of the course we’re on.

  4. Madrugada Jones says:

    I don’t get how anyone can love their job. I feel like at least 3/4 of the people who tell me they “love” their jobs are desperately trying to justify spending godawful amounts of time away from their family. I’ve never understood the concept of loving a career and I probably never will. I wish people were freer to be honest and say they hate to work and not feel scorned by their peers for it (“What a lazy-ass he is for saying that,” they chatter). A lot more people would be a lot happier, I bet. Love the drawings, mate, but can’t get behind your push for everyone to love what was never intended to be loved: work.

  5. I love the card. That’s the ultimate goal isn’t it? I’m working my way there.

  6. Judith Epcke says:

    In response to Madrugada,

    I am one of those people who loves her job. It is a great fit for my talents and it is rewarding, challenging, and in my opinion, important. However, I love my family more. I love to travel, spend time with friends, holding babies, playing with puppies, doing nothing once in awhile — you get the picture. I don’t think the point is that people love their jobs in the absence of loving other things (important things like family, friends, etc.) more.

    For a job/career, I truly love what I do. Would I rather be doing other things? Sometimes, yes. Okay, oftentimes, yes. It is a rare one among us who does not have to work. If someone “hates” his job, he has a responsibility to himself to move on. I’ve left jobs that I’ve “liked” because I felt there was something better “out there” and there was.

    Please don’t paint those who love their jobs with such a broad brush.

  7. Wow! I’d never heard of Allison Lewis until I started reading your blog…TODAY! I love learning from smart young(er) people who put a twist on business, life and society. Thanks! I’m following Allison on Twitter now and trying to catch up with her view of the world. You are such a great blogger. Pithy! The cartoons are swell, too.

  8. Hi there! My friend forwarded this page to me. I love the card and would love to hear from you.


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