yankee asshole

This really needs to be a t-shirt…


  1. Ya got that shit right!

  2. Loved your piece on artists blogs. You’re right…nobody cares but it is cathartic for the artist! lol Personally, I don’t care if anyone even looks at my site. It’s pretty much for me to unload all the crap in my head so I can be free to do whatever the heck it is I do! Anyway, got a good chuckle from the article. Thanks Hugh!

  3. Richard Posey says:

    Let ‘em think that way, Hugh. This state’s gotten too damn crowded, anyway. Austin’s already lost.

  4. I’d like to also see “throwing stars” made in this shape, with the inscription. You could sell them at gun shows.

  5. artcurmudgeon says:

    If I love Dallas and hate the rest of Texas, does make me less of an asshole? :)

  6. After years of listening to “Don’t mess with Texas”, we are just fucking with you.

  7. zenracer says:

    Can I love Austin because it will host an F1 Race in 2012????

  8. That’s called loving the land where you create… it is sacred ground.

    If I hear ONE MORE YANKEE ASSHOLE saying “I love Condado” but HATE THE REST OF PUERTO RICO…” Yeah, That’s because you are a YANKEE ASSHOLE

  9. Hugh,
    I’d totally print ‘em. Can we talk?

    Side note: I lived in Alpine for 4 years. Some of the best nights of my life were spent in the bed of a Toyota pickup in the driveway of the next to the last house on the left on the highway that leads to Marfa. You could see depth in the galaxies. Just telling you that makes me jealous that you live there.

    So, shirts?

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