daily bizcard 14: clive thompson

Today’s “Daily Bizcard” design, “I Am Not Normal”, goes to journalist Clive Thompson, who I met briefly in March at SXSW in the Hilton Hotel bar.

Clive writes for both Wired and The New York Times. Meeting him, I had the impression of an extremely active, original mind. Somebody totally engaged in the world around him, somebody not beholden to Boredom. A quality we could all use more of…

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[Clive, please send me an e-mail at gapingvoid@gmail.com with your shipping address and the details you want on the back of the bizcard, and I’ll send a free batch of 100 to you. Thanks!]


  1. I like this!

  2. Carien says:

    Our MD printed this one out and stuck it on the wall above my desk. I’ve often been accused of being the most normal person around here. I find it offensive – I associate normality with a kind of quiet desperation…

    But I’ve come to realise this too: being normal in one group of people means being a total freak in another.

  3. Kathy Sierra says:

    You keep doing cards on all the people who inspire me! Clive Thompson’s Wired piece on what happens when you have ‘followers’ was the final push that led me to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    And I could not possibly thank him enough.

    I listen to pretty much anything he says. I’m not surprised you’d find him interesting… you and he share at least one attribute I care about: the ability to write deceptively simple pieces that manage to crawl under your skin. Trojan paragraphs.

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