shameless plug: the lights jerky company

[NOTE: This is my semi-monthly "blogvertisement" for Lights Jerky etc.]

I’m happy to report that The Lights Jerky Company, based in my hometown of Alpine, Texas, has finally gotten their new website up.

What can I say? It’s the best store-bought jerky I’ve ever had. Locally, it’s really popular. Glenn Short, the owner, sells it in all the bars, convenience stores and supermarkets in the Far West Texas area.  He’s a great guy and he really puts his heart and soul into it. And people can tell…

Glenn and I meet up about once a week or so for beers…

All you jerkyheads can order it here in one, three and five pound boxes.

Seriously, Guys, this stuff is the bomb. A global microbrand in the making? I hope so.

[Disclosure: I'm getting no money for this. I'm just doing it because I like Glenn, I like his jerky and want to see a local business succeed, that's all.]


  1. Hi Hugh,

    This is my semi-monthly plea for them to put their ingredients on their website. I have Celiac disease and can’t eat wheat. Their website doesn’t state whether they use wheat to make their jerky or not–I know most jerkys have wheat in them.

    I tried to submit this through their contact form, but the Send button is broken. Tried in both Firefox and IE8.

    Can you please pass this feedback on to them?

    Thank you,

    • Hey Erica, thanks for the feedback.

      I’m sure Glenn will see your comment in the next day or two, and get back to you. I’ll chase him up if he doesn’t.

      And yeah, ingredients on the website is a great idea… of course it is.

      • I was going to post a similar request. I know someone who is chemically sensitive, very sick, and on a very restricted diet. He spends a good part of the day hungry because he can’t easily fix himself something, and all the easy, snacky, ready-to-eat foods have sweeteners and preservatives.

        If your friend makes jerky that this guy can eat? I’ll be placing a long-distance order for him.

    • Ms. Erica, I apologize for not having the ingredients listed on the website. You have been heard and I will commit to getting this updated. In the meantime go to the website and send us a request for ingredients from our Contact us page and I will email you our ingredients.

      Please be sure to include your email address so I can respond. Thank you so much and shame on me :)

  2. The site looks great. A few things that might increase online sales:

    Add info about the company, who runs it, where the jerky is made, how its made, etc.

    Add a list of frequently asked questions.

    Add shipping info: how its shipped, shipping costs, shipping times, etc.

    Add secure shopping badges, like McAfee or VeriSign.

    Add more product images, larger ones too, and details about each product.

    Hope these tips help.

    • Thanks, Brian! I’m sure Glenn will find this all helpful.

      Glenn’s a very smart fellow, but all this Web 2.0 stuff is very new to him… which is OK, it was new to both you and me once, as well…

  3. Hi Hugh, when you made us aware of Lights Jerky a couple of weeks ago I ordered some of their products. Let me tell you how disappointed I was – some of the worst beef jerky I have seen. Competely dry. Even more disappointing is that that they are using MSG – as stated on the ingridients list.

    Have a word with them.

    Cheers, Robert

    • Good Day Robert and thank you for your post with concerns about our product. This is certainly something that we have not heard. We typically hear quite the opposite. But in your defense we do hear a thing or two about the MSG.

      In regards to the dry texture-

      Perhaps you have a differed take on what Beef Jerky should be. Some people like the chewy processed stuff that in all honesty is very dangerous when considering their water activity level. Simply put, the more moist a jerky is the more dangerous it is. Rest assured our jerky is safe, it is processed to a water activity level that is very safe to eat. If it was excessively dry then I do apologize and can’t really say what might have gone wrong. As we have never been accused of being too dry- but there is always a first time for everything.

      Secondly, I want to clear the air about the comment on using MSG. MSG naturally occurs in anything that is “hydrolyzed” as part of the manufacturing process, so we do not add MSG… it just occurs as a natural byproduct of the manufacturing process- specifically in our case, as we use soy sauce. I have included a link that speaks to this:

      We are truthful about our labeling even though it may cause a negative comment from time to time about the MSG.

      In the end we appreciate the feedback, apologize for the negative experience… And would like to make it up to you by sending you another pouch of whatever you like just go to the website and send me a message.. If not, that is OK too.

      Warm Regards,


      • You see that, Robert? Straight from the horse’s mouth :D

      • Ah, well, that answers my question. Soy sauce contains wheat :(

        Tamari, a soy sauce alternative, is brewed without wheat and is safe for me to eat. Unfortunately there is basically no awareness of tamari, and it’s more expensive than soy sauce, meaning I can’t enjoy a lot of things like beef jerky.


        • Erica, yeah, I know a few people who are wheat intolerant… it sucks.

          I don’t know if Glenn has the capacity to manufacture “specialty” jerky,but I’m sure he’s already making mental notes about it. You never know…

  4. Humm,

    I’ve *never* eaten Jerky. All I’ve seen is small plastic packets of the stuff, which look thoroughly unpleasant.

    The occasional downside of being this side of the pond… May place a long-distance order (if I can – and if it will travel).

  5. Yup. Good call. I read this late Friday, as I was toiling at the office.

    Monday afternoon, I was tearing into a serving-size packet. And then another, and another.

    These are the potato chips of jerky – can’t eat just one.

    So…thanks, Hugh. Mission accomplished. I’m now hooked.

  6. Got my chipotle order today. Prompt and fast delivery and it arrived just when I was looking for a snack. First bag of chipotle evaporated very quickly.

    Delicious, authentic, jerky. Well done, Glenn!

  7. Tom Zee says:

    how does “global microbrand” go along with “shipping only inside the U.S.”?

    Let me buy your stuff! I do want to give you money for it!

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