off to st. louis…

Today I’m flying to St. Louis, to give a talk at Purina, the giant pet food company that’s owned by Nestle. It’s their big, annual digital summit. All their top digital marketing folk (and their top ad agency digital folk) will be there.

I’ll be talking about “Social Objects”, and how I believe they are the future of marketing.

Above is the “Cube Grenade” they commissioned me to draw for them. I like how it turned out. “All products are information” refers back to something I wrote a few years ago, “The Kinetic Quality”.

How often do large, well-known companies call you up and ask you to draw a cartoon for them? Exactly. I’ve worked in the tech world for big clients before- Sun, Dell, Microsoft etc- but this is my first “Cube Grenade” with a large, FMCG brand (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods). Not to mention, I’ve always held Nestle and Purina in very high regard. So naturally, I’m pretty excited. Rock on.

[Commission your own Cube Grenade. The Cube Grenade archive is here.]


  1. Couldn’t you podcast some of these fabulous talks if yours…? You’ve quite a following of Danebrains here ready to listen, so imagine worldwide?

  2. John Dodds says:

    I hope they realise their business is predicated on social objects already.

  3. Congratulations Hugh, I can understand why you must be thrilled (I mean… are you thrilled? You surely sound like it to me!). I agree with Hanne, it would be great to hear you talk sometimes. I am too skint to fly over you see…

  4. Couldn’t resist posting on this one (although quite understand if you don’t want to publish it)- first off – I hope the talk goes well, I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from your writing on social objects and dig the cartoons – secondly – there’s an expression where I come from that denotes happy excitement – “to be as happy as a dog with two D#%ks” – and the more I look at the image – the more it reminds me of two willys joined together – which delivers an additional subliminal message for me and makes me smile. Probably not what you were going for but cool all the same!

    Thank You!

  5. I love love your work!! Have a great time giving a talk in St.louis

  6. artcurmudgeon says:

    Coming to St Louis?!?


    Why couldnt you be doing a book signing as well for the rest of your humble fan who dont work at Purina? (hint hint)

  7. Nestle? Seriously? I must say I am disappointed. I love your work, but Nestle? Three words to google.. Baby Milk Action

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