if in doubt

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This is the cartoon that was sent out with today’s “Daily Frickin’ Cartoon” Newsletter. Here’s the blurb that went with it.

Love is the easiest thing in the world to do, until it isn’t. Until we get overwhelmed by “Stuff”. The black lines in the cartoon represent overwhelming “Stuff”. The red lines represent “Love”, fighting like hell to keep alive, in spite of overwhelming odds. We’ve all been there….

I don’t know why, but I really like this one. Maybe because I identify ALL TOO WELL with the wee red bit, trapped there in the corner.


  1. Randy Bosch says:

    I saw it not as trapped in the corner, but Love once again beginning to spread out to the entire creation (a kind of “glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty thing”). Yeh, I know, I’d be an optimist but it would work.

    However, you’re the artist, so…

  2. Yeah–this one speaks to me too. I like.

  3. A lovely theme for valentines! gr8 work!

  4. What I appreciate about this piece is the ‘simplicity’ of the statement, but the complexity in action – expressed by the high energy design surrounding the text. As if all the distractions in the world try to choke out the simple, powerful message ‘The greatest of these is Love.’ From an execution perspective, having this statement embedded as the ‘fail safe’ for life moments of crazy, psychotic, confusion is very comforting. If this is where my mind goes at times of greatest confusion and stress, then I think all decisions made from this thought would be the best they can be for myself and everyone around me. And THAT – makes me happy.

  5. I like it…it looks like the love is spreading-slow, steady,and unstoppable.


  6. As usual, very creative. I like how it pulls your eyes to the smallest corner of the drawing and end up creating the biggest impact with a poignant message LOVE. As the Beatle will say…all we need is love! Keep drawing…you inspire us.

  7. Let go of the past,

    don’t assume you will fail here,

    trust yourself, start now.


  1. [...] Love is the easiest thing in the world to do, until it isn’t. Until we get overwhelmed by “Stuff… [...]

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