global microbrand case study: the lights jerky company

I’m happy to report that The Lights Jerky Company, based in my hometown of Alpine, Texas, has finally gotten their new website up.

What can I say? It’s the best store-bought jerky I’ve ever had. Locally, it’s really popular. Glenn Short, the owner, sells it in all the bars, convenience stores and supermarkets in the Far West Texas area.  He’s a great guy and he really puts his heart and soul into it. And people can tell…

Glenn and I meet up about once a week or so for beers…

All you jerkyheads can order it here in one, three and five pound boxes.

Seriously, Guys, this stuff is the bomb. A global microbrand in the making? I hope so.

[Disclosure:] The new website was designed by Outhink, the same folk who redesigned a few months ago.  I recommended them to Glenn etc.


  1. david helmreich says:

    Hugh –

    I’m a huge fan of beef jerky – just bought a pound of the Smoky Chipotle.


  2. Tyler Tervooren says:

    This is why I love gaping void. Because, once in awhile, between all the hilarious cartoons, comes a blog post about beef jerky.

  3. tom dinning says:

    I think I’m starting to dislike it for the same reason. I’m afraid if I fill my lke with this crap, I won’t have room for important things. Then again, they might be the important things and the other stuff is crap. Oh how I hate dichotomy.

  4. Love jerky, love the idea of UFO’s+jerky. Don’t love the typo on the top of their homepage. “savor steak?”

  5. Would be great to see them list ingredients and allergen information. I can’t eat wheat, and it seems like most jerky has it. I can’t tell from their website what’s in their jerky and whether it would make me sick.


  6. Hey Faith, thanks for the typo catch… fixed!

  7. At first i thought “this must be some kind of rock or mineral or something”, i mean yeah, it looks like one at first glance right? In my opinion though, micro-businesses work best. Especially if you choose your product well. And nowadays there are so many easy way to market almost any idea, cheap and effective ones too. Who says marketing MUST be expensive? So long as you make it look like it’s a high quality product that’s all that counts right?

  8. What, no jerky blog? Every brand should have a voice.

  9. Just have to say that I ordered a pound of the original beef jerky. And damn! It’s delicious. Thanks for the recommendation Hugh.


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  2. [...] night I read Hugh MacLeod of on Global MicroBrands.  Today I had the thought that I need to establish a non-denominational [...]

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