‘cube grenade’ case study: the monster inside your head

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Jerry Colonna used to be a Ven­ture Capi­ta­list. He was EXTREMELY suc­cess­ful as a part­ner with Fred Wil­son at Fla­ti­ron Part­ners. Before that, he was an invest­ment ban­ker on Wall Street.

Then he deci­ded he wan­ted out of the busi­ness. He had made his money, he now wan­ted to give back. He wan­ted to teach.

After teaching busi­ness clas­ses at CUNY in New York for a little while, he set him­self up as a busi­ness coach. A damn good one.

“A bit like being a shrink,” he told me, “but more business-focused.”

A big part of his modus ope­randi is not telling peo­ple what to do with their busi­nes­ses, but trying to get them over their fears of achi­eving that which they MUST do, if they want to become the peo­ple they one day hope to be.

“The issues my clients fear the most tend not to be the actual stuff out there– com­pe­ti­tion, cash­flow, mar­ke­ting,” he says, “but the worst-case ima­gi­nary sce­na­rios. ‘The Mons­ter Inside Their Heads’, as it were. So a cen­tral tenet to what I do is hel­ping them to get over The Monster.”

So he com­mis­sio­ned me to draw a Monster-themed “Cube Gre­nade”, as a sig­ned, fine-art print to give away as pre­sents to his best cus­to­mers and allies. Something to keep on the office wall as a cons­tant reminder.

I was glad to do it. I’ve always got my fair share of Mons­ters, myself. Rock on.

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  1. Excellent and effective idea, Jerry. And excellent use of your talent to put what we all think into a little drawing on a little piece of paper, Hugh.

    I say keeping your monsters close is a good idea, or was that supposed to be – friends, no wait, was it enemies? I don’t think it was family, was it? Well, they could probably all be interchangeable from time to time!

    Love it!

  2. Tell Jerry to write a book. This is a huge subject that people don.t even realize. YYou know that some people do not want to get rich because they are afraid it will cost them their marriage…others have anxiety attacks when things are going well and so sabotage any venture they start…CDR’s tend to be messed up in the head anyway! Jerry write a biok and I will buy!

  3. Robert Bruce says:

    In my head (yeah you so do not want to take a peek in there!), The Monster In Your Head dovetails with my favourite cartoon for 2009 – “RECESSIONS ARE FOR WIMPS”

    Both allow you to create your own resolution or story about overcoming seemingly insurmountable issues. The Wimp spurred me on to get through a year with no job. It really did and I hope many thousands of others were motivated by it too.

    So, now as I am about to embark on Career #3, how much for a signed Wimp print?

  4. Stephen Hamilton says:

    I dig the cartoon.

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