reporting from gapingvoid central…

i. The Book. Sometime on Sunday I finished the first draft of “EVIL PLANS”. Sent it off to the publisher yesterday. Now begins the editing and the production. It hits the bookshops January 2011.

I’m already thinking about a third book…

About mid-December I had this big ol’ panic attack; thinking I’d better get to work on EVIL PLANS or else I’d miss the deadline I’d set for myself. So I buried myself in the office and pulled my hair out for a couple of weeks. All this while the Holiday Season was kicking in- more hair pulling there as well, but that’s a story for another day etc.

Ok, so the deadline was met in good time, but I’m a nervous wreck now…

ii. The Newsletter, Phase Two. From the Sign-Up page:

“From early January, 2010, I’m star­ting a news­let­ter for you guys. The plan is to e-mail y’all a new, free car­toon every mor­ning at 6am, New York Time. I may include other stuff along with them– writ­ten obser­va­tions, tips, use­ful links etc– but regard­less, I’m hoping it’ll be something that starts your day off with a chuckle.”

Daily Cartoons and the occasional long “Crazy, Deranged Fools” written piece. I hope you’ll sign up, Thanks. I’m hoping that launches any day now.

iii. Ummmm… Did I mention that I’m a nervous wreck now…?

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  1. so if we’re signed up to the original CDF newsletter we’ll get this new one as well, or instead of or do we have to sign up again? i want it!

    • Hugh MacLeod says:

      Richard, yeah, the current sign-ups will still be on the list… with a clear option to unsubscribe if they don’t like it.

      Thanks for asking 😀

  2. Awesome i found you back

  3. Randy Bosch says:

    January 2011 !!!! A Whole 24/7/365 Nervous Wreck Year Away ???

    Prognosis: Such behavior ain’t good.
    Prescription: Daily dose of Crazy Deranged Fool (CDF) to keep sane.
    (Paradox is GOOOOD).
    Warning: This treatment is not covered by your insurance policy.

  4. Ben Grada says:

    Yes. My Evil plan is to master your Evil plans, and your Evil plan is to sell your Evil plans. So we’re both will end up meeting somewhere.

  5. If the challenges you laid out for yourself in the coming year don’t make you nervous, you wouldn’t be aiming high enough.

    I look forward to the daily emails.

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