gapingvoid prints: the new marketing campaign

[Rough banner ad ideas I wrote earlier today etc.]

Things here at gapingvoid Central have been busy. In order to spread the word on our fine art prints, we’re talking to a few people about some possible advertising and affiliate marketing deals.

It’s fairly virgin territory for gapingvoid, certainly, but I’m finding it an interesting experiment so far…

So the first thing on the list was to design some new banner ads. Earlier today I messed around with a few rough ideas, pictured above.

It’s not a bad start. I’ve written a  couple of dozen already, and I can see running a lot of them in all sorts of websites out there. I’m so far having a lot of fun writing them, that’s for sure. The headlines above are kinda punchy, in-your-face, quite unlike most fine art advertising you see these days, which IMHO is a good thing. Art marketing is traditionally a pretty staid affair; I’d like to ratchet it up a bit… of course I would!

So naturally I’m thinking, what else could I do to make this more interesting, both for me and the Internet-munching public?

Suddenly I get the idea, hey, wouldn’t it be cool if other folk designed and wrote some of these ads as well? A “gapingvoid-community-open-source” kinda thing. How cool would that be?!!

So I’ll tell you what. Feel free to send in any ideas you may have via my usual email below. You can use words, graphics, whatever suits you. Or if you just have an idea off the top of your head, feel free to leave a comment below.

Don’t feel you have to imitate my format or shtick above- if you have another angle, I’d love to see it. If we end up using any of them, we’ll send you a free gapingvoid “cube grenade” print of your choice and also give you a mention & some linklove on this blog. Just remember they’ll be used in conventional sized banner ad format (at least for now), so please don’t stray to far from that for the time being.

This could be A LOT of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what y’all will come up with. Thanks! Very cool…

[UPDATE:] The very first idea to be submitted came from Melle in the comments: “gapingvoid- Classier than a velvet Elvis.” HA! Thanks, Melle!

[UPDATE:] Within an hour or two of posting this, about 20 people have mailed in ideas, plus there’s all the comments below. Wow. Thanks, Guys! Now I’ve got to figure out how to sort through it all… Heh.

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