why yes, i’ve been busy lately…


This is what happens when you get rid of your Blackberry and start leaving your computer at the office overnight. You suddenly get far more creative and productive. At least, I do…

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  1. I love your book and work, but I am curious about one thing. What happens to all of these wonderful card sized art pieces when you are done with them?

  2. I’m OK with the BlackBerry and the computer, but I have to set aside blocks of time when the damned things are off — especially when writing. Having email and web sites right there is just begging for an excuse to avoid the more difficult efforts and rhythms of writing.

    (I was just about to post a link to a video of John Cleese talking about such a thing, but… that wouldn’t be fair to reward your efforts to stay away from time wasting by giving you something to waste your time with…)

  3. Thank goodness! It’s about time! That’s all I’m saying :)

  4. The Fragile/Damaged one is plain awesome! Cheers!

  5. I love your art Hugh, you are definitely an original. What ignites your creativity aside from forgetting your computer?

    Btw I just met Gary Vaynerchuck, really nice guy, he came to visit San Diego, I got an awesome personal note from him in my book… This made me think…If I was to organize (since I have in the past) an event on “creativity” or any other subject of your interest that might be enticing for others, would you show up? write back directly to my email please.

  6. Great stuff Hugh!

    Like Glenn, I’m curious about the process after the business card sized art pieces are finished. Can you tell us about your process to get them to wall sized art?

    Keep up the great work!


  7. Glenn & Matt, I either keep the cards myself, give them away to friends or sell them.

    The’re are many ways to get a piece from business-card-size to wall-sized art, mostly all to do with digital. But there a lot of different printing techniques one can use, from silkscreen, metal plates to digital giclees… I play around with all of them.

  8. as always, excellent creative quality and recently amazing quantity. Well done!

  9. This is fabulous …. it likes like my desk !! Great work.

  10. For a year and a half, I had not internet at home, and I got all kinds of shit done. I cut tons of video and wrote page after page of non-bloggy stuff.

    Now, I have the internet at home again, and all it’s done for me is extended my work day.

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