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Recently I did  something dramatic: I got rid of my Blackberry, and I started leaving my computer at the office.

So now I am without (GASP!) Internet access 12-16 hours a day!

The “Always-On Culture” had been feeling oppressive for a while now. Finally I decided to do something about it. Basta.

The biggest benefit so far is; I’m drawing a hell of a lot more. This is, after all, what I get paid to do, and what I’ll be remembered for. Nobody will ever care how many Twitter followers I had or how SEO-optimized my blog was.

The Internet liberates us from so much; it’s our duty not to become again enslaved by something else.

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  1. Less is the new more? I’m with you. Should/could set aside angst about learning Twitter’s Lists and Google’s Wave–and then, what’s NEXT?–and just concentrate on writing. (That’s what I do!)

  2. So true. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Blasphemy Hugh! You haven’t dropped the names of “A” list bloggers that you know (or wish you knew), offered listings of more “productive” crap to download or even attempted to sell us a 10 page ebook for $97 that is guaranteed to make us rich!

    And now you’re NOT going to be on the Internet for 16 hours a day? Where’s the wealth, the multiple streams of income, the vast riches of social networking in that kind of behavior?

    You’re just going to go out and dare to do what you enjoy doing?

    Man, you are so twisted!

  4. That takes courage. Just spent 2 days with poet David Whyte who references the French origins from “Coeur” heart. The path with heart is ultimately the sustainable and authentically attractive way to be.

  5. Bravo. Yes.

  6. Good for you, it’s all about balance. Love the new cartoon and couldn’t agree more!

  7. Wow, a brave move.

    So agree with you about not going through the pain/hassle/occasional enjoyment of learning about *yet another* web-based ‘tool’.

    Use it when it suits, try and switch off when possible.

    And it sounds like this is giving you that break to do something more creative and productive, rather than online time-wasting. But do continue to share your thoughts, comments and cartoons…

  8. AMEN!!

    “Nobody will ever care…how SEO-optimized my blog was.”

    Love that line – hits home because I’m starting to obsesses over all that now. Perfect.

  9. Hey Mike D, you made me laugh. Thanks

  10. You mean there’s life without internet access?


    My wife and I stopped TV nearly 20 years ago…WOW…all of a sudden we had TIME!

    Enjoy your new-found time!

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