“ignore everybody” video

I don’t know who these kids are, but they made an awesome animation video based on my book, IGNORE EVERYBODY.
Wow. What an honor! Thanks!


  1. When may we expect your book to appear as an audio book? I hereby volunteer to do the recording…
    Here’s a sample from the latest audio book endeavor:

  2. Killer animation! Great material to work from.

  3. Kris Kurowski says:

    I would hire them to do bits like this one. Why not help bright students(?) get some pro experience ? Since they’re on right track already…

  4. karen linderman says:

    The ultimate compliment….

  5. Nailed it. But was it a compliment or more of a tribute? Congrats Hugh. Love your work.

  6. Hi! I started to read gapingvoid just recently and I’m impressed! I’d like to buy Hugh’s book, but, unfortunately, amazon doesn’t allow shipping to Poland, where I’m from… Does anyone know an European bookshop with the book available? Would be grateful!

  7. Tim Hoffmann says:

    Ummm. Well. Actually the animation adds nothing to your story and thoughts Hugh, if anything it get in the way. Animation is a great tool not used well here. Shame really.

  8. Meh. The “artistic” presentation gets in the way of the message. It’s totally not clear what the problem with the water cooler gang is.
    On a positive note, I got the book recently and it rocks. Well crafted with potent messages, and lots of humor. Good reading for any length of time whether you have 5 minutes or 3 hours.
    $25 hurt a little, but it was worth it.


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