shortlist: portfolio number two

[The Short Tail]
[Company Hierarchy]
[Welcome To…]
[I Don’t Have Friends.]
[I Choose This Life.]
Like I said on my last blog post, after the great success of the “Portfolio Number One” launch, we’ve decided to do another one i.e. Portfolio Number Two.
[“Portfolio Number One”.]
And like last time, all images chosen will be taken from my book, IGNORE EVERYBODY.
So here you go- a shortlist of eight potential “cube grenades”. Four of these will be made into a limited-edition print.
Which ones get your vote? Please feel free to leave a comment below, Thanks!

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  1. I Choose This Life
    I Don’t Have Friends

  2. I will buy “nobody cares” instantly. One of your absolute best.
    So, without further ado, please add it to the list of prints.

  3. my vote – C.F.A – probably my fave cartoon of yours – makes me laugh every time I see it – glad to see it getting shortlisted

  4. could you please ellaborate on the ‘short tail’ and the ‘pile of bodies’ ?
    it’s potentially my favourite if it actually means what I think it does :-)

  5. Mistakenly first – always makes me laugh
    Nobody Cares second
    Complete Fucking Asshole third

  6. Mistakenly! Mistakenly mistakenly mistakenly! It’s my absolute favourite of all time.

  7. mistakenly
    nobody cares
    love ’em both

  8. Company Heirarchy
    Dream had Vanished
    Can’t take this shit
    Nobody Cares

  9. Nobody cares. A must for the set…

  10. Welcome To
    I don’t have friends

  11. Greg Marquez says:

    Welcome to nobody cares, is my all time favorite, but I can’t take this anymore, is a close second. I think I finally just got the short tail and I like it.

  12. Vanished – my absolute favourite
    Mistakenly – a close second
    Welcome To…
    The Short Tail

  13. Short tail; Mistakenly; Vanished; Welcome to… cube grenades work brilliantly when they challenge the individual

  14. the following four get my vote…
    vanished / mistakenly / I don’t have friends / I choose this life
    very excited for portfolio one to arrive in the coming days!

  15. That hierarchy thing is a real problem and seems to apply to politics as well as business…

  16. Anonymous says:

    welcome to
    i choose this life
    please :)

  17. Mistakenly
    Welcome To…

  18. Company Hierarchy is a fave of mine.
    Mistakenly and Vanished both get votes too.
    Nice shortlisting!

  19. Spoiled for choice!
    Welcome to…
    All genius.

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