welcome to the hunger

Welcome to The Hunger.
The Hunger to do something creative.
The Hunger to do something amazing.
The Hunger to change the world.
The Hunger to make a difference.
The Hunger to enjoy one’s work.
The Hunger to be able to look back and say, Yeah, cool, I did that.
The Hunger to make the most of this utterly brief blip of time Creation has given us.
The Hunger to dream the good dreams.
The Hunger to have amazing people in our lives.
The Hunger to have the synapses continually fired up on overdrive.
The Hunger to experience beauty.
The Hunger to tell the truth.
The Hunger to be part of something bigger than yourself.
The Hunger to have good stories to tell.
The Hunger to stay the course, despite of the odds.
The Hunger to feel passion.
The Hunger to know and express Love.
The Hunger to know and express Joy.
The Hunger to channel The Divine.
The Hunger to actually feel alive.
The Hunger will give you everything. And it will take from you, everything. It will cost you your life, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
Welcome to The Hunger. Its day has arrived. It will never go away. You have been told.


  1. Hi Hugh,
    now you are flying…I love you for it!
    Thank you….and I might add a hunger:
    the hunger to emerge and rise and become
    the greatest being one possibly can!!!!

  2. Yes. This is what I live now.

  3. … the hunger is starting to feel like ‘starving’

  4. I am laying in bed on my mobile at 4 am sun night/mon morning replying to your 3 am post.
    I just finished a quote for a client and some emails to our programmer. Tomorrow I will work 12 more hours… I do believe Mr. Macleod that you and I know what that hunger feels like…and it has everything to do with compulsion…not profit or necessity or even because we WANT to.
    The hunger you refer to is indeed just part of who I am-
    I am not proud of it, did not ask for it, and do not wear it as a badge of honor…sometimes I really wish for a “normal” job…because what I am I cannot get away from. I can no more leave work behind than a turtle can his shell.

  5. Mustard Jones says:

    Hmm… I’m going for a Big Mac.

  6. Hallelujah! :) (Hm, I like the way you always flip things around; very interesting indeed.)

  7. For the longest time I’ve felt, and at the same time attempted to quell or simply ignore, the stomach rumblings.
    I’ve finally opened the fridge and, My God!, there’s an incredible smorgasbord!
    Fantastic post, Hugh.
    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the 13 commandments of hunger. how about the hunger to feel hunger to feel?

  9. I like this very much. Great prose.

  10. I do believe this qualifies as poetry.

  11. hello hugh,
    can´t work out the other e mail thing so am writing here.
    Have lost you for a couple of years….
    all looks good and healthy.
    will be back in london in june for a small while…
    lots of besos,

  12. damn you Hugh!
    bless you Hugh!
    thank you Hugh!

  13. Love it.

  14. Madeline says:

    I was wondering how I’d come to feel faint and exhilarated all at once. Thank you for naming it, you fabulously crazy, deranged fool, you.

  15. That gave me shivers. For the first time ever I am in a spot where it’s ok to be hungry. That hunger gets me what I want.
    Scary, scary stuff.

  16. Wow…..Im hungry….and never satiated
    Brilliant Metre there too :-)

  17. Truly stimulating. Someone is putting his copywriting skills to good use.

  18. Nice Nice Nice / Simple Simple Simple/ True True True!

  19. hit the nail on the head

  20. I know I’m going to enjoy the new book!
    Hungry,entrepreneur and runner

  21. It’s easy to be in tune with the sentiment that carries.

  22. nice, switching “the hunger” with “the ability” works just as well.

  23. I am ambivalent about My Hunger. Hunger drives so much but it reminds me of Buddhist Hungry Ghosts.

  24. once again. . .#$*kin’ brilliant.

  25. Brilliant!
    I’d add:
    the hunger to take a break so you can think
    the hunger to add balance to life
    the hunger to laugh
    the hunger to dance
    the hunger for joy

  26. Hugh you really need to build a database of your business-card cartoons, preferably high-res ones, that allow people to tag them by topic.
    Maybe you can put them in your gapingvoid wiki, and let us tag them; Or maybe start a Flickr album or something…

  27. Beautiful.
    And please please start giving us some more high-res images that we can use as cube grenades, and that we can tag and find easily like fERDI says.

  28. Beautiful.
    And please please start giving us some more high-res images that we can use as cube grenades, and that we can tag and find easily like fERDI says.

  29. I’m hungry too.


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