the stormhoek guide to wine blogging

I was asked to create an ad for Stormhoek, to be published in the well-known international wine & spirits trade magazine, The Drinks Business.
Instead of giving them the usual “Here’s why you should buy our product” bilge, we decided to give the readers something they might actually find useful. Yes, and that means useful for our competitors, as well.
Hence a 16-page insert, “The Stormhoek Guide To Wine Blogging”. Inspired by Robert Scoble’s seminal “The Corporate Weblog Manifesto”, of course.
It hits the newstands sometime this week. In the meantime, you can download the PDF here. Thanks.


  1. Excellent piece of work. I predict it will give a lot of people some very sore heads.

  2. I just received a press release for Stormhoek and I recognized your cartoons right away…interesting concept on the wine blog…keep up the good work

  3. Harry Joiner says:

    fine work. what your competitors will find maddening is that you make blogging look much easier than it is. done right, blogging is a cruel mistress. of course, they won’t realize that until they’re well into it. mwhahahaha!

  4. Plenty to think about there, and thank you for something for nothing. I trust Mr Joiner is pulling my leg about cruel mistresses: I only took the plunge because the blognoscenti promised it was “lovely once you’re in”. Brrr.

  5. great read!

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