love = 25%

From Euan Semple:

Maybe love does have a place in business after all. Maybe more and more of us will start to have the courage to begin to talk about what really matters to us about work and our relationships with each other and to push back the sterile language of business that we have been trained to accept. Maybe we will realise that accepting love into the workplace reminds us of the original purpose of work – not to maximise shareholder value but to come together to do good things, to help each other and hopefully to make the world a better place.
Maybe ….
Oh and by the way if the above is too new age and namby pamby for you I reckon social computing is capable of talking 25% out of the running costs of most businesses – so there!


  1. James Richards says:

    Love costs and it saves.
    It costs a lot to show it but it saves a lot when you give it (I reckon’ it can save more than 25% because love leads to multiplication in more ways than one!)

  2. I say keep visioning. It looks good to me.

  3. There’s one problem with this argument – Wall Street/Threadneedle Street perceptions of the CEOs role. Not helped by the language of war so often used inside BIG tech companies. (see Oracle – Larry Ellison/SAP – Jeff Nolan?MSFT – Steve Ballmer)
    But…there is a way around this. 1. Change the role of Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer. 2. Get rid of the HR drones and get a Human Capital Relationship Officer.

  4. Jon Husband says:

    Dennis .. if I were a President or CEO who had some sense of where social software combined with business purposes were going, I’d think hard about combining the two roles you set out above.

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