journeyman vs. master

Martin over at Easyweb makes an interesting point about “The Three Ages Of Slavery”.

I’d love to draw parallels with the old Guild levels of Apprentice, Journeyman and Master, but I feel I’m still Journeying.

Yeah, I know the feeling all too well. Which is why I try to avoid consulting gigs like the plague.
The thing about consulting I hate is, you just get paid by the billable hour. So the minute you stop tapdancing, you’re dead.
A Journeyman gets paid while he works. A Master gets paid while he sleeps.
[Bonus Link:] From Kathy Sierra: “Where there is passion, there are stories.”


  1. Quote of the day

    Hugh McLeod on why aspects of consulting can be as much fun as kidney stones:
    A Journeyman gets paid while he works. A Master gets paid while he sleeps.
    Having already completed one apprenticeship nearly 20 years ago (it’s still fun swinging a ha…

  2. And to carry on the guild analogy, the word “journeyman” is derived from an ancestor of modern French “journee”: a journeyman is someone who’s hired and paid by the day.

  3. Exactly.

  4. Honest question, Hugh…do you not consult with your clients?
    I presume from this post that you see the relationship differently?

  5. My working relationships are very varied, Dave. One thing my personal business model does not focus on is billable hours and billable day rates.

  6. Thanks for answering so quick.
    Billing…just one more area of the ad biz that’s crying out for reform.

  7. Ashish Banerjee says:

    Hugh, as a former senior big-agency ad guy now consulting independently, a few thoughts:
    1. Price yourself appropriately. With your perspective, at anything less than

  8. Get Paid While You Sleep

    Hugh Macleod has a nice post on gapingvoid: Journeyman vs. Master. A Journeyman gets paid while he works. A Master gets paid while he sleeps.So do you get paid while you sleep? One of the great things about a shareware

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